October 17, 2018

Pallet Racking, Shelving, and Other Storage Systems You Should Install in Your Warehouse

The ultimate goal in warehouse design is to arrange the storage system in a manner that maximises the floor space. This usually results in lower risk of accident, higher productivity, and reduced wear and tear. One way to achieve this is to utilise all types of storage system available. Strategically placing each type in areas or situations where they are needed the most will help increase your warehouse’s efficiency.

Mezzanine Flooring

Although Acacia Homes don’t provide these components or service, we have a large number of inquiries about this, so we feel that this article and resources will be very helpful to anyone considering building or installing a mezzanine floor.

Here are your options.

  • Static Shelves. These are shelves that have a fixed position in the warehouse, hence the name. They are attached to the wall, floor, or ceiling depending on the products they are meant to hold or store. Normally, static shelves are used to store products that require continuous replenishment, and these products have been properly considered in the shelves’ design. You don’t want to put this type of shelf in the middle of the warehouse or anywhere you would rather keep open for adjustments. They are best installed along the side and for manually-picked products.
  • Mobile Shelves. These are shelves mounted on carriage and rail systems to allow for movement, reconfiguration and relocation. They can carry more weight than static shelves yet are still designed for inventory that require manual picking. Unlike pallet racking systems, they offer more confined storage space, which limits the kinds of products you can store in them. Both static and mobile shelves are a great addition to your warehouse storage systems.
  • Pallet Racking. This type of storage system is a multi-level structure made up of metal uprights, beams, and wire decks. Products stored on a pallet racking system are usually placed in pallets or skids, although many non-biodegradable types can be placed directly on the deck. This is perhaps the most widely used storage system in modern warehouses today due to its high efficiency and capacity. Plus, it comes in different types as well, meeting a wider variety of storage needs.
  • Mezzanine Floor. Not exactly a type of storage system, this structure aids in the construction of additional storage space. This is an intermediate floor partly open to the double-height ceilinged floor below. It provides a temporary or semi-permanent space extension for storage. Once it is set up, you can place a pallet racking or shelving system on it.

If you are thinking of using all of these storage systems in your warehouse, consult with a warehousing solution specialist first to make sure that they will be efficiently distributed across your floor space. Whether you prefer pallet racking or industrial warehouse shelving systems for your warehouse, this specialist can help you design them and find the highest quality building materials. They usually have a large network of suppliers that they can tap into anytime to meet all your warehousing needs.

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